Here are a few samples of my work.  

Website Redesign

A redesign of four pages of the Delta Gamma National Fraternity website.


Content and Audience Portfolio

A consolidation of works done for a class called Content and Audience.


Form and Concept Portfolio

The compilation of many of the works already shown on this page for a class called Form and Concept.


App Design

Iphone application called Capitol Cycling designed to give Des Moines bicyclers trail information and tracking results.



A brochure created to highlight a specific AIGA medalist and his or her work. I chose to feature Joe Duffy because of his work in branding.



I created symbols to represent myself as a graphic designer. There is an abstract symbol, a typographic symbol, and a pictographic symbol.



A SWF file created on Adobe Flash animating my abstract and typographic symbols.



This was a poster I designed for a class to highlight the architecture of the Des Moines Art Center.


Sequence and Rhythm

This project was a practice in gaining continuity across multiple photographs.

I'm going to succeed because I'm crazy enough to think I can.